Welcoming ReAnimator Coffee to Fishtown

ReAnimator, 1523 E. Susquehanna Ave.

ReAnimator Coffee Roasters has opened its brick-and-mortar shop at 1523 E. Susquehanna Ave. in Fishtown, in a former flower shop at the crossroads of Susquehanna, Norris and Cedar.

Saturday, Aug. 10 from 4 p.m., their neighbors will stop by with refreshments, including ReAnimator Coffee Love Stout.

Expect ice cream from Little Baby's and 'za from Pizza Brain.

Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen and Loco Pez will offer specials to those who shuffle their caffeine-buzzed selves across the street..

Later that night, Pizza Brain will offer specials.

ReAnimator's Mark Capriotti and Mark Corpus roast their Third Wave coffee in Kensington. The new shop sells pour-over coffees as well as espresso-based drinks, as well as food from Pure Fare.

A retail shop, Capriotti believes, will "solidify our legitimacy."

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