Weekend must-tries: Manayunk Restaurant Week; pie in a milkshake


Manayunk Restaurant Week is full of great deals at $10, $20 and $30 price points through April 26 (with the exception of Saturday, April 20). The $30 list includes some gems, such as Yanako, Derek's and the new Bisou. The $20 list includes Han Dynasty,  Laxmi's and Winnie's Le Bus. And you have to love any "restaurant week" special that includes a sandwich, fries and drink for 10 bucks, as Pat & Bobby's offers. Here is the rundown.

And take note: April 22-28 is Main Line Restaurant Week. Details are here.


Ceviche. On a somewhat more dining note: Rouge on Rittenhouse Square is one of the better warm-weather destinations in Center City, and chef Samuel Noh whips up a delicious ceviche ($12, dinner menu) from U 20-size shrimp, cucumber, Spanish onion, tomato, jalapeno, cilantro, lime juice - and splashes of Blanco tequila and pepper vodka.

Rouge, 205 S. 18th St.


Hoagie time. With all of the hullabaloo over burgers and hot dogs and roast pork and the occasional cheesesteak, the signature Philly hoagie seems to have been shunted aside like a piece of day-old bread. Let's discuss your favorites in the comments. I was pretty much raised on Lee's Hoagies, and, like columnist Rick Nichols, developed an affinity for the smaller, mom-and-pop shops in South Philly (see his article from 1999 on the subject). And speaking of the bread: Pepperonici Market in Havertown, an offshoot of the Italian restaurants in Conshohocken and Phoenixville, does a great South Philly sandwich. It uses Freda meats and just switched to Sarcone's rolls.

Pepperoncini Market, 101 E. Eagle Rd. Havertown.


Shake it up. Pie is delicious enough. But can it be improved?

Holly Ricciardi, going into her first spring at her Magpie pie shop, is blending her fruit, cream and custard pies into 16-ounce milkshakes. She dips Bassetts vanilla ice cream, mashes in pie, blends on high and serves it in a Mason jar with a straw and a spoon. Apple is $8.50, while the other varieties offered in April - Chocolate Coffee Cinnamon Pecan, Butterscotch Bourbon, Coconut Cream and Lemon Curd - are $8.

Magpie, 1622 South St.