Weekend must-tries: Catch the Farm Show and other carbs

Toasted cheese sandwich, a bargain at three bucks.

Insiders know that while the annual Pennsylvania Farm Show is a veritable zoo on its second and final Saturday - what with the crowds, as well as the animals - it is also bargain day.

The farmers who've driven for hours from all over the state don't want to haul back all that stuff.

Though I can't say you'll get a last-minute deal on livestock, you'll pick up produce for pennies on the dollar today.

Deals typically abound at the show anyway. You pay a modest $10 for parking. Admission is free. So are wine tastings. Each day, a half-dozen wineries from around the state set up in a pavilion near the signature butter statue and dole out thimble-size pours. The guy from U-Freeze Wine Slush was working a decent line; this stuff is basically wine with 7 percent alcohol in a freezer bag.

Even the food in the food court - backed by the respective growers and producers - is reasonably priced: hot dogs for a buck, $3 toasted cheese sandwiches, 75-cent potato doughnuts, a healthy handful of bacon strips for $3, and honest-to-goodness milk shakes for $4.

Speaking of carbs. One Shot Coffee in Northern Liberties may have gotten into the whole Cronut thing late, but its customers don't mind.

Rebecca Baruno's mini-versions of the croissant-doughnut hybrid are 2½ inches long and sell for $2.50.

The batches of 30 sell out early. 

Get your pizza. Speaking before about pricing: Lorenzo & Sons, the late-night hangout at 305 South St., is fixing to raise its per-slice tab from $3 to $3.50, effective Feb. 3. Consider that the same slice inside the Wells Fargo Center sells for $7.50.