Want to be a chef on Rittenhouse Square?

Restaurant Associates, opening a new dining concept at the Art Alliance at 18th and Rittenhouse, is now hunting for a chef to run the joint.

Executive chef Ed Brown, who oversees RA's culinary programming, tells me that he's taking resumes and that he wants to hire someone working locally. 

"It's going to be a great restaurant," says Brown, based in New York for the catering giant. "Not fancy, not formal. Accessible." 

A couple caveats: He wants his scallop ravioli and his portobella fries (mushrooms cut steak-fry-style, tempura-battered and fried twice) on the menu.

He is shooting for an Oct. 1 opening,

Have the guts and the chops? Get your resume to Lbacon@restaurantassociates.com.