Vetri is now 'Le Bec-Fin'

The temporary Le Bec-Fin sign outside Vetri at 1312 Spruce St.

Huh? Look up at the townhouse at 1312 Spruce St. and it's not Vetri ... it's Le Bec-Fin?

The building had a storied past as the first home of Le Bec-Fin, which Georges Perrier operated on that spot from 1970 till its move to Walnut Street in 1983.

But with the closing of Le Bec Fin (a year after Perrier's own departure), Marc Vetri and Jeff Benjamin wanted to pay homage to Perrier.

"I just think Le Bec and Georges' legacy should be celebrated," said Vetri, who opened at 1312 Spruce in 1998.

Today, Vetri's shingle was changed to read "Le Bec-Fin" (hyphen and all). For three sold-out nights this week (July 18, 19, and 20), Perrier will be set loose in his old kitchen. He started there in 1967 when it was La Panetiere.

The space also housed Two Quails, Chanterelles and Ciboulette.

Vetri - the restaurant - will return after the Le Bec-Fin "pop-up" on July 22.

Sure hope the Google Street View camera isn't around this week...