Vedge lands on a major best-of list

Kate Jacoby (left) and Rich Landau are the married co-owners of Vedge restaurant. (HILLARY PETROZZIELLO / Staff Photographer)

The plaudits keep rolling in for Vedge, Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby's vegan destination on Locust Street.

Alan Richman, the restaurant critic (and former Philadelphia Bulletin writer), has named Vedge to #3 on his list of the dozen best new restaurants in the nation, in the March issue of GQ.

Given GQ's manliness, this is a bit of a surprise.

In fact, Richman himself seemed floored at his experience in the classy brownstone:

"'Looks very meat and potatoes,' I said to the maitre d' with my customary joviality. 'Not to me,' the host snapped, as humorless as, well, vegans always are. After that, my dining experience didn't merely get better. It got great. ...

"I had no idea so much flavor could be delivered without butter, cream, milk, eggs and other kitchen staples....

"The customers looked, I have to say, like regular folks. None of the men were pale and languid. None of the women wore a belt made from a garden hose."

He said he even saw a customer wearing shearling boots.

The piece is online here.