More on Kerri-Lee Halkett's intruder


Thursday morning on Fox29’s Good Day Philadelphia, anchor Kerri-Lee Halkett will deliver an advisory on self-defense, inspired by an incident two weeks ago in which a man tried to get into her hotel room in Bar Harbor, Maine, at 4 a.m.

In a posting on her Facebook page only hours after the July 31 incident, Halkett described the intruder as wearing a mask and gloves and carrying a crowbar. She said she got in his face and told him to leave, and the man fled. Police responded to a 911 call within moments, according to accounts.

Her friend, New York anchor Jodi Applegate, asleep in the room and wearing earplugs, told the Mount Desert Islander newspaper that she was awakened by Halkett’s screaming and saw a man in the doorway.

In a story posted Wednesday morning on the Islander’s Web site, Police Chief Nathan Young questioned Halkett's description: “We haven’t had any incidents like this with a masked man running around Bar Harbor.” In an interview today, he also said that Halkett didn't tell his officers about a mask at the time.

That doesn't square with the accounts of two women at the Ledgelawn Inn. Manager Dawn Lueck told me today that moments before Halkett called police, someone tried to gain access to a housekeeper’s room downstairs. The housekeeper, who asked that her name not be used, told me that she crept out and found Halkett outside of her room, phoning police. Lueck and the housekeeper said police didn’t talk to them. 

The housekeeper said Halkett had indeed told police that the man wore a mask and carried something.

“I stand totally behind my initial statement,” Halkett said. “It’s the absolute truth. When it happened, I did the first thing that came to mind: I responded." She said she’d address the issue on Thursday's show and “after that, I’m moving on."

(This post has been edited based on additional reporting.)