Tweed coming to 12th Street

Its facade now shrouded in plywood, the long-planned restaurant project at 114 S. 12th St. is due to open in mid to late May.

And it has a new name -- Tweed -- and a tweaked concept.

When I told you about it last November, its working name was Cafe Maurice and the idea had a French twist.

But now Tweed's focus is, in its rep's words, "to bring the country to the city with fresh, organic and local ingredients in a modern, intimate setting." The building, known for its grand staircase and twin balconies, previously housed Les Bons Temps, TPDS, Odeon, and Bistro Bix.

Owner Edward Bianchini is a Philly native went to Europe and opened a hotel (Hotel les Muscadins) and restaurant in Mougins, France, that won a Michelin Star. He went on to open the Lenox Room in New York.

Tweed chef David Cunningham, whose resume includes executive chef at Petrossian in Paris and the Lenox Room, plans to use farm fresh and local ingredients in classic and simple dishes, and as the restaurant's rep says, with just the right amount of “twist” and a perfectly reasonable price tag.