Tweed getting a new tenant

Eddie Bianchini (left) and chef David Cunningham on the stairs at Tweed in May 2010. (Tom Gralish / Staff Photographer )

Tweed, a bistro in the old TPDS space at 114 S. 12th St., went belly-up in June 2011.

Ugly situation. Shut down cold. Furnishings ripped out.

Building owner Howard Taylor says he has a new tenant, Brian Harrington, part of the group that owns City Tap House, Public House, Mission Grill, and Field House, to do an upscale bistro.

Harrington, who has not returned numerous calls, has been working with Top Chef contender and erstwhile 10 Arts potbanger Jennifer Carroll and with Jersey Shore chef Luke Palladino, but I have been told that neither will be the chef on 12th Street.