Town Hall Coffee opens in Center City

Tim Noble, who's been opening eyes in Merion Station with his Town Hall Coffee, just opened his first branch.

It's in ground floor of the Franklin Residences (aka Ben Franklin Hotel) at 822 Chestnut St. Lovely, high-ceilinged decor reflects the grandeur of the Horace Trumbauer-designed landmark..

Right now, Noble is ramping up operations, bringing in pastries and such. After July 4, the shop will add light fare as well as custom sandwiches made by Di Bruno's. (Di Bruno's, coincidentally, will be opening a branch in the Ben's Ninth and Sansom corner later this year).

Coffee is batch-brewed in a FETCO machine, but for the true experience, opt for a pour-over - the custom rack handles five at once.

Noble is a big believer in using many roasters, opposed to one. Among Town Hall's suppliers are hometown One Village and ReAnimator.

Hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. (Yes, 6 ayem.)