Sources: Tony Danza to shoot series in Philly

Actor Tony Danza has been nosing around for a school willing to host a reality series for A&E in which he stars as an English teacher and documents the school's goings-on.

That search began in New York City, headed to Yonkers, N.Y., shot out to Colorado, and then came to Philly, as I reported last month. Danza also considered a school in Lowell, Mass., and made several visits to Philly's Washington High. City officials, including Mayor Nutter, were eager to have the show, which is expected to show the host school in a good light.


Now, my sources have identified the school as Philly's Northeast High, at Cottman and Algon Avenues in Rhawnhurst. One sticking point was clearance, as the student participants are juveniles.

I hear that he'll be teaching one period a day for a few months starting in the fall semester.

Representatives of the district and the show were not available for comment.