Hot Potato under Ramsay's microscope

Tuesday night was chef Gordon Ramsay's evaluation dinner at Hot Potato Cafe in Fishtown, where cameras from Fox's "Kitchen Nightmares" are shooting the goings-on. There were crews in the kitchen, the dining room (tables are miked) and even outside.

My moles explain that the restaurant was open for dinner (reservations only) and that after the patrons left, Ramsay was served dinner. This, no doubt, will become the "before" dinner, where he'll do a VO while grumbling how the food sucks. I'm not clear on how many nights they'll continue serving and taping, but the next step in the "KN" process will be a brief closing (later this week) during which they'll remake the kitchen and redecorate. Then the restaurant will reopen for "after." 

If you have a reservation, you'll be told to arrive no later than 15 or 20 minutes before your reservation time.

Among the "rules":

  • No logos or artwork of any kind on your clothes. 
  • No all white outfits. 
  • No bare midriffs or overly revealing outfits. 
  • Please try to avoid stripes, patterns and loud clothing
  • You want to look your best, as you will be on camera.
  • No cameras, cell phones or recording devices will be allowed into the restaurant.