The Burger Brawl smack talk has begun

Marcie Turney gets into it during the Burger Brawl photo shoot.

Here we are, four weeks from Burger Brawl, and now some of the participants are getting into it.

Organizers of the burger tasting - which will be June 8 at Xfinity Live to raise money for Philly schools  - arranged a promo shoot among some of the chefs with photographer Stu Goldenberg.

The affair got messy, as you can see from these photos showing Peter Woolsey of Bistrot la miunette and Marcie Turney of Lolita, Barbuzzo, Jamonera and Little Nonna's.

Other shots - showing chefs from Rogues Gallery, Lucky's Last Chance, The Gaslight and Modo Mio - will surface soon enough.

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