Tap Room on 19th changing hands

Jennifer Choplin is on board as chef at Tap Room On 19th St.

Tap Room On 19th St. - the neighborhood bar at 19th and Ritner Streets in South Philly - is fixing to change hands.

The plan - according to Michael Strauss, a commercial real estate broker buying the place with musician Pete Fry - is to close down after the Oct. 30 settlement and reopen soon after.

The name will remain for now.

They've hired chef Jennifer Choplin, late of SoWe after a turn at The Butcher & The Brewer, to run a menu that Strauss calls "upscale comfort stoner food." Thirteen beers will be on tap.

Choplin will offer an Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation panna cotta - 50 percent of the purchase price will go to the nonprofit.

They'll go for a dark, candlelit atmosphere with music from a play list, not the current jukebox.

Craig Steel, also formerly of SoWe (and a Starr and Garces alum), will manage.