Boy, those TV meteorologists sure blew the winter forecast

Big hat-tip to the best regional weather site, Tom Thunstrom's, for archiving the season snow predictions that the TV weather people made last November.

Friday-Saturday's storm dumped 28.5 inches at Philadelphia International, which brought the season's total to 56.3 inches. And today's storm will likely top all-time seasonal snow records.

So as we can see, they blew it. And with another storm predicted for late Tuesday, it's only going to pile on.

The forecasts:

Kathy Orr on CBS 3 called for a season total of 26 to 33 inches.

Hurricane Schwartz on NBC10  predicted 18 to 24 inches all season.

Cecily Tynan and Accu-Weather on 6ABC called for a "snowier-than-average" season, with 30 inches in the city.

John Bolaris on Fox29 said 22.7 inches, as he averaged four El Nino winters.

Update: A few TV meteorologists -- not necessarily those mentioned above -- have contacted to quibble about this posting, saying it was "unfair." Of course, had they been right about their forecasts, they would have been the first to crow about it.

At least Punxsutawney Phil was right when he said winter was not over.