Stolen $30,000 BBQ smoker is found in North Philadelphia

The meat smoker from Fat Jack's, as it was found March 8 behind an apartment building in Strawberry Mansion.

A $30,000 meat smoker stolen Feb. 10 from outside Fat Jack's BBQ in Northeast Philadelphia is turning out ribs and beef again, a day after it was found hidden behind an apartment complex in the Strawberry Mansion section.

Fat Jack's owner Glenn Gross said son Kevin got a call Wednesday from a woman who said she owned the building. "She said, 'I saw it on the news. I know it's your smoker,' " Gross said.

After calling detectives, Glenn Gross headed to North Philadelphia to verify. He met a local police lieutenant and together they saw the two-ton Southern Pride smoker behind a fence, under a tarp secured with cinder blocks. The smoker's firebox and custom-built red trailer were visible, helping Gross make a positive ID.

One of the smoker's wheels was bent, as were the fenders and a tail light.

"I didn't think I'd ever see it again," Gross said, adding that he's beefing up security with a hitch lock, a trailer lock, and a boot.