Steve's Prince of Steaks sets a Friday roll-out

Steve's Prince of Steaks at 16th and Chestnut Streets.

If you're a dieter or happen to be observing Lent, beware the Ides of March*.

Friday, March 15 marks the soft opening of a great temptation: the Center City outpost of Steve's Prince of Steaks, the Northeast Philly-rooted shop. It will fill the former Krispy Kreme location at 41 S. 16th St., across from Liberty Place.

Things get underway at lunchtime.

In an interview with Philadelphia Life, founder Steve Ilescu told how he ran an auto-repair business but had the itch to get into food in 1980: "I had done it since I was 15 and I had opened my own place. By 30, I wanted to make a change and if I didn’t do it then, then I wouldn’t be able to.”


* No Caesar salad on the menu.