Starr's beer garden has a name

The exterior of Frankford Hall, on Frankford Avenue just north of Girard Avenue, is nondescript now, but restauranteur Stephen Starr plans to turn it into a beer garden.

Now that Talula's Garden is blooming on Washington Square, Stephen Starr is targeting May 17* for the opening of his beer garden on Frankford Avenue just off Girard Avenue in Fishtown. The property, at 1210 Frankford Ave., is cloaked in anonymity.

I can tell you that he's calling it Frankford Hall, and he grabbed the .com domain earlier this week.

The project will be an indoor-outdoor affair, with large bars inside and picnic-table seating outside in the courtyard, which features four imported trees.

The building's brick walls have been largely maintained. Where workers punched out entrance ways is how the bricks will look, though they will be coated.

* Opening date changed yet again (5/5/11)