Spiked ice cream at the new Sweet Charlie's in Rittenhouse

Owner Kyle Billig at Sweet Charlie's, 1921 Walnut St.

Sweet Charlie's, which opened across from Washington Square last year, was one of the first businesses in town specializing in Thai rolled ice cream - the confection that is made to order with cream and various ingredients on super-cooled round platters.

And as Kyle and Jacob Billig's business expands - a new shop at 928 Boardwalk in Ocean City and another opening on June 2 at 128 Kings Highway in Haddonfield - they're ramping it up:

Spiked ice cream.

Kyle Billig says the shop at 1921 Walnut St., opening at 6 p.m. May 31 in a classic city brownstone, will start a program in mid-June called Sweet Charlie's After Dark.

Upon request, three popular varieties - the Wonder Filled (with sandwich cookies), the Namaste (with strawberry cheesecake), and the Off-Duty (with coffee and glazed doughnut pieces mixed in) will be served with a shot of alcohol. The Wonder Filled will get white chocolate liqueur, Namaste will get red wine, and Off-Duty will get Kahlua.

One of the kickers here is that Kyle Billig, who left school at Arizona State to start Sweet Charlie's, is only 20 years old. His brother is 23.

Normal shop hours are noon to 11 p.m. daily. 

Besides the original at 721 Walnut St. and the new shops in Rittenhouse, Ocean City, and Haddonfield, franchised locations are planned in Atlanta, St. Petersburg, and Charlotte, Kyle Billig said.