A steak dinner for $19

TV host Todd Fisher chowing down at SoWe with owner Nancy Law in 2013.

Nancy Law says she plans to fill a void with her new steakhouse, opening Saturday, Jan. 25 at 22d and Carpenter Streets.

The key of The Strip Joint - replacing SoWe, her Southwest Center City pub - is "value."

"I feel like there's a void for this kind of dining," said Law, who is doing only cosmetic work to the interior. 

She told me that The Strip Joint chef Jarrett Nacli will run a limited menu - basically a 10-ounce strip steak, a 6-ounce filet, a 10-ounce culotte steak, a fish of the day, a pork chop and a vegetarian item.

Top price tag: $19, including salad and potato. Sides and sauces will be additional, and you can upgrade the filet to a 10-ounce portion for $8 more. Tables will be topped with butcher paper.

Law said she has a relationship with a slaughterhouse that will keep quality up and prices down.

There will be a bar menu, as well.

Law said she will sell 10 bottles of wine for $30 and less.

It will be open for weekend brunch (starting Sunday, Jan. 26) as well as dinner nightly and lunch Friday.