Skate with Seth Green

Matt Senreich and Seth Green chilling in their Philly hotel.

This is how Seth Green and Matthew Senreich roll:

If the creators of  the loopy Adult Swim animated sketch comedy Robot Chicken seem a bit groggy this week, it's because they've been riding on a tour bus to plug the DVD release of Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II.

At each stop, they strap on roller skates and host a skating party.

An idea that's as random as the show.

The Philly version -- the eighth city among nine stops -- starts at 8 p.m. Wednesday (8/12) at Jamz Roller Skating Center (7015 Roosevelt Blvd.). It's free.

Gym Class Heroes will perform.

Why skates? "Cool kids and nerd kids are equals on skates," says Green, 35, who grew up in Overbrook Park.

The show's target demo is 18 to 34, "but we're seeing a lot of 15-year-old girls ... and 45-year-old men with wet beards," Senreich says.

More oddness: At Monday's stop in Richmond, Va., the two were asked to spray-paint a fan's car.