Shakeup at La Minette

John Gonzalez, who ran the front of the house at Bistrot La Minette since he and chef Peter Woolsey opened the stylish cafe on Sixth Street near Bainbridge in late '08, has bowed out.

It was for the fiscal health of the restaurant, said Gonzalez, a partner, who is confident that the restaurant will thrive.

The two met in spring 2008, when Gonzalez was general-managing Striped Bass, where Woolsey was a chef.

Brad Histand, a manager, is now running the place.

Meanwhile, has Woolsey is going to town with specials:

A Wednesday special, starting June 9, delivers $10 “Bistrot Bites” paired with a drink at the bar or outdoor terrace, with a second drink for $5. Rotating menu: Pizza and Beer (featuring the restaurant’s famous Alsatian pizza, Flamenküche, and an Alsatian Kronenbourg Beer; a sandwich and a rosé (featuring a classic pan bagnat, (similar to Nicoise salad on hand-made artisan bread) with a glass of Provencal rosé wine). Other offerings include wine and cheese (a French red with a choice from a menu of three cheeses, salad and toast), and moules marinière (mussels in white wine, with a tarragon and leek broth), served with a Dagan cider from Normandy. 

"It Only Takes a Minette" is a series of four monthly cooking classes taught by Woolsey at the restaurant (623 S. Sixth St., 215-925-8000) on Saturdays: June 19, July 17, Aug. 14 and Sept. 11. They begin at 11:30 a.m. sharp, cost $40 per person, and are limited to 10 people. 

1. Shop With The Chef. Saturday, June 19. Meet at the restaurant and then join the chef for a stroll to the Farmers Market where you’ll hand pick the freshest seasonal ingredients. Then you’ll return to the restaurant and join in the preparation of a lunch.

2. The Art of Charcuterie. Saturday, July 17. Woolsey will guide you to pâtés with foie gras and blood sausage. Learn how to prepare country terrines with fresh duck and veal. He'll show secrets of a professional presentation, complete with condiments and garnishes.

3. Viva La Pasta. Saturday, Aug. 14. Tortellini. Ravioli. Fettuccini. The French have great applications for our favorite noodles. You’ll learn how to make mouth-watering, hand-crafted pasta at home, and how to dress it with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

4. Chocolate Indulgence. Saturday, Sept. 11.  Woolsey will share the art of chocolate: selection, shaping, storage, and serving.