Scoop on Little Baby's Ice Cream

Pete Angevine (right) plays "hurt" while business partner Jeff Ziga makes time with his wife, Maura DiBerardinis, at Little Baby's Ice Cream in Fishtown. MICHAEL KLEIN /

Friday, Aug. 3 marks the bricks-and-mortar debut of Little Baby's Ice Cream, which has a spot in the forthcoming Pizza Brain pizzeria-slash-pizza museum at 2311-13 Frankford Ave. in Fishtown.

Little Baby's - founded by Pete Angevine, Jeff Ziga and Martin Brown - has been dispensing its 16-percent-butterfat, small-batch ice creams through carts set up at Second and Poplar Streets in Northern Liberties, at Morgan's Pier on Columbus Boulevard, and at private events. They sell nondairy and vegan varieties, plus shakes.

Friday's launch event - starting at 5 p.m. - will feature the food trucks Yumtown and Pitruco, face-painting, and a real-life barber, Mark from Sulimay's on Girard Avenue, who will do touchups in a regulation barber chair.

Little Baby's is a tiny spot inside the space - little more than a counter in the back. Through a quirk in its layout that created a small niche, the music-loving owners decided to erect a shower whose head is a speaker and whose hot and cold knobs control the volume and tempo.

Little Baby's is also behind one of the creepiest ads I've seen in years. (Link)

As for Pizza Brain: It's about three weeks out, says creator Brian Dwyer, who will have a place to showcase his Guinness-certified collection and to bake and serve what he calls a superior pizza.