Sale pending for Old City's Triumph Brewing

Triumph Brewing Co. has been open in Old City for more than seven years.

The days appear to be numbered for Triumph Brewing Co.'s Old City location, at 117 Chestnut St.

Paperwork filed with the Liquor Control Board and Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau shows that a partnership has applied for licensing at the brewpub, which opened about seven years ago. 

The potential buyers will call the operation Second Story Brewing Co., a play on both the second-floor brewhouse in Old City and the new industry of the investors.

I hear that brewer will be John Wible, a hobbyist who has his own hoppy aspirations under the name Five Mile Brewing. He did not return messages seeking comment.

As with many potential deals, be aware that Triumph is very much still open.

After the sale's approval (perhaps as soon as March), my source said, a quick renovation would yield to 2nd Story.

This Triumph location, which opened more than seven years ago, has been on the market since September 2012. Asking price was $995,000.