Saturday, October 10, 2015

Riverton's District 611 closes after six months

Location, location, location.

Riverton's District 611 closes after six months

District 611 - the lively, city-cool bistro founded by three Stephen Starr alums in Riverton, N.J. - has closed after less than six months.

"Though the Riverton community has been nothing short of amazing in terms of its support, our concept is no longer sustainable in its current setup," said marketing manager Natasha Baglin, wife of co-owner Brian Baglin.

In sum, she said, the operation was too big: broad menu, two large kitchens. "Because we are in Riverton, our issues are compounded by slower customer traffic [a natural downside of operating in the suburbs] and major limitations on the options for pursuing a liquor license [Riverton is a dry town]," she said.

The partners are searching for a new location that will be "more conducive to the large-scale operation," she said. "We're hoping to find a town that has that same community-minded vibe as Riverton, only with a high volume of potential customer traffic and the option to pursue a liquor license."

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They plan to redo the current District 611 space, perhaps shifting focus more toward the brick-oven pizza.
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