Restaurant notes: A stock market for beer drinkers

Buy low, drink high? Brew-chip stocks? A beer market?

Center City Grille, across from the Philadelphia Stock Exchange at 10 S. 20th St., is reconceptualizing into Xchange Bar & Grille. Operator Doug Renthal says he'll pump up the craft-beer selection, cut the prices on the bar food, and aim at a nighttime crowd. For right now, Center City Grille is still open during happy hour.

There's more:

A stock market for drinks, whose prices will fluctuate according to supply and demand. "Let's say you like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale," Renthal explains. "You go in at lunchtime and no one's ordered it yet today. The price, say, is normally $4, but since demand is low, it's posted at $2.75."

Renthal says patrons will also be able to buy futures for their buddies.

Stay tuned. This feature hinges on technology, specifically the programming of his point-of-sale system to allow real-time pricing.