Restaurant notes: A free lunch; a Collingswood swap

  • The new year marks the expiration of Peco Energy's rate caps, creating all sorts of new competition. Spark Energy will appeal to customers' hearts and stomachs. The company will buy lunch for everyone who stops in at Ashy’s Burger & Fries (82 E. Lancaster Ave. in Paoli) on Monday (1/3) between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.
  • Let's follow a chess move that will play out in coming months in Collingswood. Alex Capasso is moving his Blackbird Dining Establishment from 619 Collings Ave. next to his West Side Gravy at 714 Haddon Ave. In turn, IndeBlue Indian Cuisine will move across the street to 619 Collings Ave., thereby going from 34 seats to 80 seats. No word yet on a new occupant for IndeBlue's current space at 618 Collings Ave.