Restaurant notes: Honest Tom's gets shelter

Tom McCusker, whose Honest Tom's taco truck spreads joy and guac wherever it goes, has found a restaurant home.

This summer -- late July to early August -- he hopes to be serving from a counter at 261 S. 44th St. in West Philly, as he told his disciples on his Facebook page and picked up on Menu will expand beyond his tacos, to include burritos, all washed down with Stumptown coffee.

McCusker told me that he would attempt to run both the restaurant and the truck. "I guess I'll have the truck out three days a week," he told me. "It depends on how smooth things go."

The brutality of the last two Philly winters inspired McCusker to seek shelter. "Take a day like today," he said between the raindrops. "That kills my business. I'm always fighting the elements. The hell with that."