Recap: Serpico-Painter dinner at Il Pittore

Chefs Chris Painter (left) and Peter Serpico. COLIN KERRIGAN /

Peter Serpico - former culinary director of David Chang's Momofuku empire and the opening chef de cuisine/partner at NYC's Momofuku Ko before he left a year ago - has been enjoying a low-key existence here in Philly while he plans the spring opening of his restaurant, Serpico, with Stephen Starr at 604 South St.

But he was a tad bored.

Over drinks one night with Chris Painter - chef/co-owner of Starr's Il Pittore - the two plotted out a collab dinner just for fun.

For Tuesday's feed at Il Pittore (2025 Sansom St.), Serpico entered Painter's Italian world.

They started with crudo.

Serpico followed with oxtail consomme (daikon, caramelized onion, bean sprouts, amaro).

Painter went next with tajarin - a thinner tagliatelle also known as taglierini -prepared with porcini, salsify, black truffle, and quail egg.

Serpico's next course was cavatelli with brussels sprouts, cheese broth, and country ham.

Painter's rejoinder was chestnut ravioli with foie gras, marsala, and amaretti cookie, followed by Serpico's caper-brined trout with blue crab, potato, and pepperoncini.

The finale was Painter's bollito misto, which incuded beef brisket, veal cheeks, cotechino, capon salsiccia, and salsa verde. And then dessert.