ReAnimator wants to caffeinate Fishtown

ReAnimator's proposed location at 1523 E. Susquehanna Ave.

The boys at ReAnimator Coffee Roasters - who service restaurants and cafes with their Third Wave java - want to get their beans directly into the hands (or at least the mugs) of the public.

They have a community zoning meeting Tuesday, April 16 to gain a neighborhood blessing what they hope will be their first coffee cafe, at 1523 E. Susquehanna Ave. That is on one corner of that quirky Fishtown crossroads that is home to Loco Pez and Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen.

"We want the people to be able to come to us," said Mark Capriotti, one of the two Marks behind the business (the other is Corpus). Such a retail shop, he believes, will "solidify our legitimacy."

They envision serving coffee and food items that pair well with coffee.

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