Some rainy-day reading: A former Flyer wins court round against his ex

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has determined that Rod Brind'Amour's $9,147-per-month payment for the support of his three kids, Briley, Skyler and Reece, is sufficient.

Brind'Amour, who played for the Flyers from 1991 to 2000, is now with the Carolina Hurricanes.

When Brind'Amour and his wife, Kelle, divorced in 2003, they agreed that he would pay $15,000 a month, or $2,500 a month during an NHL lockout. 

Rod Brind'Amour later went back to court for a cut in the support, saying he "has a strong desire to instill the value of frugality and hard work in his children, notwithstanding his high income." Kelle Brind'Amour, he said, maintained a separate car for her $1,300-a-month nanny and spent "approximately $1,130.37 per month on the children’s  entertainment and recreation."

A county judge in 2007 reduced the monthly support to $9,147.

Kelle Brind'Amour claimed in her appeal that the judge shouldn't have intervened. 

Here's the decision.