Pizza Dads: Pizza Brain's Brewerytown spin-off is open

Three years in the works, Pizza Dads, the Brewerytown spin-off of pizza destination Pizza Brain, opened over the weekend.

It occupies the former Hat Shoppe on the corner of 29th Street and Girard Avenue; its sign remains.

Unlike Pizza Brain, which opened in September 2012 on the Fishtown-Kensington border as a combination pizzeria and pizza museum (twinned with Little Baby's ice cream), Pizza Dads is a straight-on pizza parlor with a '70s color palette, a '90s vibe, and updated takes on pizza.

Several pies from Pizza Brain, including the Jane and the Forbes Waggensense, are on Pizza Dads' menu, as are new pies inspired by international street food.

"We want to bring back the quintessential pizza parlor experience," said co-owner Michael Carter, who is partnered with cofounders Joe Hunter and Ryan Anderson.

They intend the shop, which has 20 seats, as a community hub.

As at Pizza Brain, they use gas-fired, brick-lined deck ovens. Carter said the crew is taking cues from the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, which follows an obsessive sushi master in Tokyo. "That perfectionist mind-set encourages us," he said. Pizzamaking must be approachable, he said, while being a high art form.

The name came from an employee's tattoo. That's "dad" as in "boss."

Menu is here.