Pie shop for South Street

The stretch of South Street west from Broad Street sure is seeing life.*

Former Philly ad exec Holly Ricciardi is behind Magpie Artisan Pie Bakery & Boutique, a vintage/modern 20-seater (plus 8 at the counter) due to open at 1622 South St. in June.

Magpie's opening list includes sweet pies (such as sour cherry almond streusel; salted chocolate meringue; orange blossom peach raspberry) as well as savory pies (such as croque monsieur; spinach dill feta; ham potato leek; and chicken tarragon).

Prices will be $5 to $8 per slice, and $18 to $30 for whole pies.

Ricciardi comes from a baking family (mother, grandmother, three sisters). Professionally, she trained as a graphic designer, and co-founded 20nine in Conshohocken with her husband, Greg, in 2002. 

Her mom is the inspiration for Pie Fries — french-fry-size pie-crust strips served with fruit sauces for dipping ($3 per order). They're not fries, per se; they are baked pie crust strips.

She'll also do seasonal pie and beer- or spirits-tasting events, and a wholesale menu.

* You got Rex 1516 opening next week at 1516 South St. and The Cambridge opening this spring where the Tritone was, at 1508 South. And don't forget the Honey's Sit N Eat outpost at 21st and South, also up for spring.