Phillie Phanatic wuz robbed!

Keep reminding yourself that the Phillies and not the Mets are sporting World Series rings. But Mr. Met nudged out the Phillie Phanatic for the top of’s annual list of sports mascots, released the other day.

Voting was close, says Chris Anderson of the Marketing Arm, which polled 1,000 respondents from its base in, hmm, Dallas. Anderson says 68 percent rated Mr. Met as “one of my favorites” or “very likable,” while the Phanatic drew 62 percent.

This year, Forbes added college mascots, and third place went to Hairy Dawg of the University of Georgia, followed by the Boston Red Sox’s Wally the Green Monster and Benny of the Chicago Bulls.

Places six through 10: Mike the Tiger of Louisiana State; Sparty of Michigan State; Aubie of Auburn; Goldy Gopher of the University of Minnesota; and Albert of the University of Florida.

At the very bottom, with a total of 8, was the University of Virginia’s Cavman, a cavalier in a hat and goatee.