Perrier cooking at Heirloom

Georges Perrier and Al Paris at Heirloom. MICHAEL KLEIN /

Chefs Al Paris and Georges Perrier have been friends for at least two decades and even cooked together on occasion.

Perrier has more time on his hands he sold Le Bec-Fin, and he has been itching to get back into the kitchen. (His latest project has been working at his Art of Bread in Narberth, teaching staff how to make soup.)

Paris invited Perrier to do a one-nighter at his Chestnut Hill BYOB Heirloom (8705 Germantown Ave.), and on Wednesday, Nov. 14, they will do just that:

A six-course meal (seatings at 5:30/6 p.m. and 8:30/9 p.m.). Much of the menu, including the mussel soup and roast pigeon, is from Perrier's cookbook. It's $125 plus tax and tip, BYOB (though there's a State Store next door).

Menu is here.