Oyster House to reopen Monday after minor roof fire

Saturday dinner patrons at Oyster House (1516 Sansom St.) were asked to leave after staff smelled smoke that was later discovered to be caused by a small fire on the building's roof.

Owner Sam Mink said the restaurant will reopen for lunch Monday as usual. It is closed Sundays. There was no damage, other than some water, which was mopped up.

He said managers had smelled smoke and scoured the building - whose second floor is being renovated into a new restaurant called Mission - but found nothing amiss. They called PECO, thinking it was an electrical fire. The fire department found the source on the front of the roof.

Meanwhile, the street was blocked off and a crowd of onlookers had gathered. Firefighters chopped off a piece of the cornice to get to the smoke.

Mink said a roofer had been working earlier in the day.  

Mink said the city Licenses & Inspections and Health Departments had given Oyster House the all-clear to reopen.