Opening the Garage

The Garage on East Passyunk Avenue has community approval.

Jason Evenchik (Time, Bar, Vintage) goes before the city Zoning Hearing Board on Wednesday (3/7) with his plan for The Garage, envisioned as a casual drop-in set up inside a former auto-body shop between Pat's and Geno's at Ninth Street and Passyunk Avenue.

Food? Evenchik chuckles as he calls it "bring your own cheesesteak," but he is setting up a calendar of food offerings, much as bars put together band schedules. He is rustling up the services of food-truck operators to service his clientele, and he's also looking for guest chefs to cook.

Beer? One hundred cans (lots of crafts) plus four on tap.

Assuming all goes smoothly Wednesday - and he has the support of the community groups - he'll change the garage doors, install a pool table, foosball, jukebox, and dart boards, put in a large bar, and open in "maybe three months."