Nomad's new pizzeria has a name

Stalin Bedon (left) and Tom Grim at the oven of the Nomad Pizza on Seventh Street, May 17, 2012. ( DAVID M WARREN / Staff Photographer )

You're naming a new restaurant, similar but definitely not the same as your original restaurant.

You want to be clever, pithy, punny. You want it to be memorable.

You decide, ahh, to stick with your brand.

Hence, Stalin Bedon and Tom Grim of Nomad Pizza have arrived at Nomad Roman for the Roman-style restaurant they will open next month at 1305 Locust St., in the storefront that has been Girasole and Spiga.

When they signed the deal back in June, they imagined a quick turnaround. But they decided to redo the place entirely, while keeping the original oven.

The pies will be Roman-style, rather than the Neapolitan style that they sell off their Nomad truck and at their Nomad shops in Hopewell, N.J., and at 611 S. Seventh St. (See the guys' trip to Rome last winter here.)

The menu will be simple, too.

Nomad Roman will follow the recent debut of Little Nonna's, a trattoria, at 1234 Locust St.