New restaurant on the way to Sansom Street — but what?

Papered windows upstairs at 1526 Sansom St.

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Something is afoot at 1526 Sansom St., above the new Rooster Soup Co.

The front windows are papered over. There's been an air of mystery surrounding what has been rumored to be a restaurant whose owners include Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook, who are among the Rooster partners. They also own Zahav and Abe Fisher, and have a piece of Federal Donuts.

An odd video sent to me anonymously last night has raised more questions. It shows three people, wearing disguises, walking up the steps to 1526 Sansom. Each person is carrying a prop - a dressmaker's bust, a guitar case, and a mylar balloon attached to what appears to be a beach ball.  The person in the lead theatrically ushers his colleagues inside. The tape then cuts to the videographer, apparently a passer-by, heading up the steps in pursuit. A hand is seen knocking on the door and then turning the knob. After viewers get only a peek inside, the video fades to black.

Curiosity got the best of me. I stopped by midday today, but the door was locked and the windows were still papered. Cook and Solomonov would not discuss it.

We'll know what's going on in due time. With April Fool's Day on Saturday, anything is possible.