New foods on Eagles menu

The "Inside LB" (left) and the "Chop Block."

Food trucks, two new sandwiches, Johnson's Popcorn, kosher food, and in-seat delivery are all on the menu for Eagles fans this season at Lincoln Financial Field.

Aramark is announcing Wednesday that two food trucks will set up in the Linc's headhouse plaza during each home game.

The Dapper Dog, usually found late at night feeding bar crowds in Northern Liberties, will be a regular vendor, serving a signature hot dog as well as a variation based on the visiting team's city. Aramark will import another truck for each game; the second truck for Sunday's Giants game will be Jose Garces' Guapos Tacos.

Aramark chef James Hennessey designed two new sandwiches -- the "Inside LB," with London broil with horseradish cheddar on a custom Amoroso's onion roll, and the "Chop Block," which has chopped brisket, jalapeno slaw and barbecue sauce on a cornmeal-dusted kaiser roll. Prices were not announced.

Why London broil? Hennessey, previously a chef at the Borgata in Atlantic City, said he didn't want to do a generic roast beef sandwich and found London broil to be juicier.

The chopped brisket, he said, is a riff on barbecue, which he associates with tailgating and football.

Aramark general manager Kevin Tedesco says other new food options are Max & David's of Elkins Park with kosher food, Sweet Christine's with gluten-free baked goods, and the Jersey Shore fave Johnson's with popcorn. Chickie's & Pete's Crab Fries will be available at more stands -- 13 -- this season.

And for the first time, says Rich Green, Aramark's premium services director, club-seat ticketholders can order food delivered to their seats via a Bypass Lane app.