New in Center City: Jasmine Rice

The Warsaw Cafe at 305 S. 16th St., which ran out of steam and closed earlier this year, has given way to Jasmine Rice, a cute-as-a-button Thai BYOB from Tom and Ann Jamavan (215-546-0818).

Tom was a partner in Trio in Fairmount. Ann is a Thai-born home cook in her restaurant debut, executing the staples (pad Thai, coconut soup) as well as a few dishes I haven't seen elsewhere (particularly a lip-puckeringly delicious shrimpburi salad with poached shrimp, sliced lemongrass, ginger, onion, cilantro, chopped mint, and a dressing of lime juice and chili paste. All entrees are served with -- that's right -- jasmine rice.

Lunch menu (.PDF) is here. Dinner prices are a few bucks higher.

Jasmine Rice joins Sawatdee at 15th and South Streets as Thai options in the neighborhood.

Speaking of Trio: Tom Jamavan's former partners, Michael Poole and Van Chau, are just about to open Isabel, a MexiCali spot, at 2601 Parkway. They're in the dry-run phase and should start serving the public around Sept. 29.

And speaking of the Warsaw: The former owners have left the website up, and as such you can still find the borscht recipe. Smacznego!

Michael Poole and Van Chau