Need Thanksgiving dinner?

Stuck for Thanksgiving? I can't help you with a nagging mother or dullard uncle, but I'll try to hook you up with dining ideas.

Look to the right side of the blog page (, head down a bit, and try my Thanksgiving Dinner Finder.

Enter a zip code, or name of city, town or county and see what'll be open today. You can also pull a full list; use the advanced-search button and filter by restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving. Always call first, as some restaurants may be fully committed.

By no means is this list all-inclusive. I've omitted Chinatown, which will be lit up as usual, as well as the fast-food places, which .. well... a Whopper just doesn't say "Thanksgiving." And speaking of depressing, some cash-strapped restaurateurs will decide at the last minute to open and see who comes in.