Nashville music joint Tin Roof coming to Center City

Tin Roof

Tin Roof, a Nashville-based collection of live music clubs, has signed a deal for a spot that will front on the 1500 block of Sansom Street, directly across from Ladder 15 and Oscar's. The facade now is blank wall, but CEO Bob Franklin told me that it will have windows and doors opening out.

Franklin, who runs 11 Tin Roofs (mostly in the South), said the Philly Tin Roof - at least six months away - will occupy 12,000 square feet on three floors, including a mezzanine that will overlook the action below. All Tin Roofs look different, and play a variety of music.

Philly got on his radar naturally, as his investors, Larsen MacColl Partners, are based here. "There's a pretty vibrant scene there," Franklin said. "A lot of creativity."

The project, whose budget Franklin pegged at "north of $2 million," will have another big Philly connection. West Philly-bred Will Zuchman, formerly chef at Alma de Cuba, recently joined Tin Roof as its Nashville-based executive chef. Franklin said Zuchman would amp the menu.

You may remember that the Upstate New York-based Dinosaur BBQ had designs on this same space. Though that deal fell through, I understand that Dinosaur is actively scouring Center City for a location.