Mummers need bigger place to strut

Greater Kensington's 2010 performance. (via

Greater Kensington String Band has put its hall in Northeast Philadelphia on the market, a listing noted on the Brownstoner blog.

But anyone thinking that these Mummers are going mum after 65 years is wrong, says club president Tom Bezanis. Greater Kensington has been in Tacony for 40 years.

"We actually need more space," Bezanis told me of the current 4,800-square-foot warehouse on Edmund Street at Cottman Avenue. "We do a lot of hall rentals, and we need a space that can handle a larger number of people. We have two rooms -- one that can hold up to 130 and another for about 85."

The scope of the Mummers Parade is growing, he said, pointing to larger props and the fact that the club rents another warehouse in which to store them.

Bezanis says the club wants a self-contained location for drills, storage, and meetings.

We gave our Realtor our wish list," he said, choosing not to elaborate. And if the club doesn't find anything suitable, "we'll stay right here."