Missing calf returned

Mother and child, pre-calfnapping.

A happy ending to the Case of the Stolen Calf.

Turns out, the boosted bovine was a party animal.

Herb Spivak, owner of Hope's Cookies on Lancaster Avenue in Rosemont, said this morning that two Temple students returned the black-and-white, 50-pound, 42-inch-tall fiberglass statue that was stolen over the weekend from the sidewalk in front of the store.

"Baby Moo" is back beside its mother the cow, beckoning motorists to pull in for shakes and other carbs.

Spivak said the young women had noticed the calf at a party in a house near Temple's North Philly campus.

After reading media reports, they decided to fetch it. They found it in the basement of the house.

They shared a $500 reward.

In keeping with his no-questions-asked guarantee, he would not identify them. (It is probably for the best, as the occupants of the house likely do not know who rescued the calf and collected the cash.)

He said he was installing better anchors and nighttime video cameras to keep his herd from wandering again.