Missing Pumpkin, she's giving away pumpkin pie

At Magpie Artisan Pie Boutique on South Street in Philadelphia, Holly Ricciardi has made a pear ginger oatmeal crunch pie. There is also a caramel apple pie and pecan pie behind the pear ginger pie slab (front). (SHARON GEKOSKI-KIMMEL / Staff Photographer)

Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Life takes away Pumpkin Market, and Magpie pie-shop owner Holly Ricciardi is making pumpkin mousse pie.

Ricciardi - saddened by the sudden closing of Pumpkin Market down the block - will offer complimentary slices of her Pumpkin Market Mousse Pie, while supplies last beginning Saturday, Aug. 10.

Ricciardi credits the market owners, Hillary Bor and Ian Moroney, with inspiring her to locate her shop at 1622 South.