Miles Table opening on South Street West


"South Street West" - that stretch from Broad Street west into Grays Ferry - has been growing as a food destination, what with such recent arrivals as The Cambridge, Magpie Artisan Pie Boutique, Sawatdee, and The Quick Fixx, and with the second Honey's Sit N Eat opening within a few weeks.

Feb. 23 will see the debut of Miles Table at 1620 South St., a cozy, neighborhood-friendly spot from Michael Lynch, whose business Catering by Miles counts for much of the reason people want to join Lombard Swim Club (where he's exclusive caterer).

Lynch, a graduate of the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, began his culinary career at Gallo's Seafood - the mainstay near Pennypack Circle in the Northeast. Lynch next worked at Culinary Concepts and Buddakan.

At Miles Table, a 30-seater (named after his son) with counter service and free wi-fi. Lynch promises quality and convenience at a reasonable price: oatmeal, eggs, breakfast sandwiches, smoked fish and bagels for breakfast (served all day), and cobb salad, Caesar salad, chicken cutlet sandwich, burger, pasta, pizza, and fish of the day for the rest of the day (starting at 11 a.m.).