Mexican moves in the Italian Market

Mole Poblano, 1144 S. Ninth St.

Bunch of changes in the Mexican scene in the Italian Market.

La Lupe, which held down the southeast corner of Ninth and Federal Streets, has closed. La Lupe's Gabriel Bravo still owns Fiesta Acapulco up the street at 1122 S. Ninth St.

La Lupe's space will get a new occupant this month: Tamalex, the new name of the taqueria/grocery at Seventh and Federal known as El Gallo Pinto. This will be a second location for Tamalex.

Acapulco, which operated for several years at 1144 S. Ninth St., has closed. Days old in that space is Mole Poblano, run by the Puebla-born Pedro Rios y familia. Decor is the same - tiled walls, clear-plastic-covered tables, and dim, unflattering fluorescent lighting. The signature mole poblano brings a half-chicken, rice, beans and a spicy but nuanced mole for 8 bucks,