Mendte and DeMentri at the same TV station?

From the strange-but-almost-true department:

Two of Philly's headline-grabbing anchor alumni, Vince DeMentri and Larry Mendte, could be working at the same station.

It will happen if Bill Carey, news director of New York’s WPIX, has his way.

Last month, Carey hired Mendte, who was relieved of his CBS3 job in 2008, as a commentator.

“We’re working to get [DeMentri] here, and hope to do so,” Carey told me Wednesday.

DeMentri, who recently left his morning anchor job at WPRI in Providence, R.I., after a little more than a year, worked with Carey at WCBS before joining NBC10.

DeMentri, whom NBC10 fired in summer 2008 after a mysterious incident involving onetime colleague Lori Delgado, is in line to become a reporter, Carey said.