Meet the guys taking over Resurrection Ale House

Chef Andy Wagner (left) and Marcus Versace are the prospective owners of Resurrection Ale House.

Andrew Wagner, a chef, and Marcus Versace, a bartender, have stepped forward as the prospective new owners of Resurrection Ale House.

The deal, which I reported on July 31, is pending approval by the Liquor Control Board.

As Resurrection's fifth anniversary neared, current owners Leigh Maida and Brendan Hartranft said they were "making space in our lives for something new." The couple also owns Memphis Taproom, Strangelove's, and Local 44.

Maida said they hope to throw a finale party on Sept. 21.

Wagner has worked for Starr for 12 years, mainly as executive chef at Jones and now sous chef at Continental Mid-town.

Versace has tended bar in the Washington Square area since 2001. He started at Las Vegas Lounge and has been at Coco's since 2004.

Versace said they have been friends for a decade and share a love of downhill skiing and "and all things David Lee Roth."

You really got me on the new name. They're not ready to jump at the chance to stand up and say it yet.

In a statement, they said they wanted to "take what Leigh and Brendan started .. and run with it."

They're aiming for "value, high energy, a fun atmosphere, and great food and drink.

They also said they plan to make the food and drink selections a little more "accessible" to the neighborhood "while maintaining the high standard."